Italian Summer Family-style Feast

Indulge in the exquisite presentation of Italian charcuterie, a variety of cheeses, and zesty citrus-marinated olives, accompanied by a delightful serving of homemade, aromatic rosemary parmesan focaccia.

Crispy baby artichokes accompanied by a refreshing mint yogurt dip.

An exquisite combination of heirloom tomatoes and creamy avocado is showcased in this delightful salad, elevated with a flavorful twist of purple basil pesto and a delightful crunch from toasted pistachios.

Experience the tantalizing flavors of our Herbed Ricotta gnocchi paired with slow-roasted tomatoes, sweet summer corn, and aromatic fresh basil from our very own garden.

Succulent short ribs cooked sous vide for 72 hours in a rich Barolo sauce, accompanied by a zesty Meyer lemon gremolata.

Triple chocolate semifreddo

with a combination of crunchy toasted hazelnuts and juicy raspberries, bathed in a delightful raspberry sauce.

Heirloom Tomatoes